Family-owned Auto Repair & Sales Shop in Little Falls

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Michelle is typically the first person you'll see when you walk into the office. She'll greet you with a warm smile and a genuine desire to get your problems taken care of. She also takes care of all the billing and invoicing. 

When she's not keeping the men in line at the shop, she loves spending time with her children and fur babies. 

Mike has worked at the shop as long as his dad has owned it and has been wrenching on whatever he could get his hands on even before that! From three-wheelers, to motorcycles, cars, trucks, and more - Mike has probably had his elbows deep in grease workin' on it!  

While Mike has a talent and an obvious passion for all things motors, the middle photo shows a little bit of his life at home - THREE, yes three, dogs. Lily Mae, Harley Rae (a TOTAL daddy's girl) and Bo (Bozo). Mike recently purchased a home on 90+ acres where he's put up more sheds than one could almost count to house all of his "toys" - three wheelers, motorcycles, four wheelers, tractors, etc. 

While Duane owns and runs the shop and has been doing so for roughly nineteen years now - he really enjoys farming. Duane owns a farm just outside of Little Falls and spends a lot of his time tending to the crops and animals.